Sunday, April 29, 2012

i just face-painted a squiggly line and a deformed shape on his face...his fault.

i agreed to help my friend this weekend by face-painting for a special event before my back started really hurting. but i'm glad i went because it was a wonderful fund-raiser for a young man who has a difficult disorder, and this will help him as he prepares for college.
face painting is open...sorry kid, you're going to have to stand because i can't kneel!

the paint was a little translucent, but in the end it worked, and it was the easiest for the kiddos to wash off!
next time, i think there should be a new rule next time. if the child is 4 or under, they only get squiggly lines and deformed shapes on their faces, because they move entirely too much and they don't know how to keep their face from twitching and going randomly from straight face to smile to frown within one try at a star. hmm.

there was another friend helping as well, and one of the girls came back after showing he face painting to mom and said, "i have to cheer at half-time, so i'm going to have to wash this one off." (the nice way of saying she wasn't thrilled).

on the way back, i stopped at the harmon's house to visit because i don't get up there often, but they weren't home. so i text their daughter, a dear friend, and found out they were out. so we made a brunch date to catch up today. i love the egg and i.the drive there seemed longer than it should have...not to belabor the issue, but the back is getting worse by the day-i am feeling every bump when i drive and it is difficult to move around and adjust myself in the seat. anyhoo, we were there forever, and it was so good to catch up!

while we were there, there was a couple in the far corner who obviously have been together for a long time...
yep, both reading their own novels....maybe they were having a book club...
that's the way to do it! avid readers-hopefully reading will give them something to talk about later...when the food arrives!


off to do some lesson plans,

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